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Emily Post’s Great Get-Togethers:

Studio Apartments

by Maddie Jones



‘Tis a noble affair to host a get-together for your friends, peers, co-workers, or acquaintances.  In the many editions of Emily Post, etiquette has been narrated throughout the years. There comes a time in one’s life where friends are starting on a journey to live alone. They’ve bid their lovely five roommate apartments with the big kitchen and passed down living room furniture for the bohemian life of studio apartments. Although it may seem as though fire escapes have more square footage than the actual unit, there is a noble endeavor in small living. A life simple.

But there is no life, without entertainment. In this edition of Emily Post, you are cordially invited to learn the etiquette of hosting a party in a studio apartment.

The Invitations

As any serious and respecting party, sending invitations to your desired guests is a must. Since social event calendars book up quickly, please give your intended guests plenty of notice, especially because the guest list is crucial for a party in a studio apartment. Because space is a particular predicament for this party location, you must think about personalities. Your guests will get to know each other in the most intimate environment possible, clashing personalities could be a disaster. Besides, consider the size of your guests. The smaller the friend, the more desired. After carefully, creating your list of potential invitees, send personally crafted text messages. A studio soiree is far too exclusive for a Facebook Invitation. In your bespoke message to each friend to make a note to RSVP, as space is limited and make a note to encourage minimal attire. The fewer garments your guests are wearing, the more potential space you have to converse. You may even suggest a bikini or speedo, for those friends who may need more than a subtle hint. 

The Studio Dwelling

In preparation for the lovely party, take note of your apartment. What might you need to tidy up? How might you rearrange to make more space for your guests?  You may consider moving all of your furniture into storage for the evening. One of the most important features of your apartment for a party is the bathroom. The tub can be a magical solution for your refreshments. Delicately filled with ice, the tub can act as your bar cart, or you could reserve the bathroom as additional party space. Some of the most significant conversations occur in the shower.

Lighting and floral arrangements are one of the most elevated additions a host can bring to their hosting repertoire. Since you have limited counter space, use birthday cake candles for lighting. They are a perfect size. No party is a party unless there is a floral arrangement. Since your candles are taking the counter space and the bookshelves and coffee table have been delicately put in storage, simply tape the flowers to your walls.

The Bites and Beverages  

 No party is complete without refreshments. Your guests should leave feeling satisfied and merry. While developing your party menu, think size. Because space is limited opt for food that does not require utensils, plates or napkins. Finger foods are the ultimate choice to stay in vogue with the culinary trends. All food should be prepared the morning of the party. For the cheese plate carefully count out the exact number of Cheetos as there are to guests. Have baby carrots pre-dipped in ranch. A bowl of M&Ms in a teacup is a lovely dessert to pass around to your guests in the second half of the party. But the cu degras of your culinary expertise is one single tick tack for each guest.

Refreshments are always promptly provided to your guests within the first few seconds of their arrival. Have exactly one can of beer for each party guest, and politely instruct them to crush the can upon finishing as to make more room. Because you live alone in a studio apartment, dickie cups are the lovely replacement for wine classes. Dickie cups also help contain alcohol consumption which is essential at studio apartment get-togethers. Your guest maybe begin to lose awareness of their body and make too much movement if they become intoxicated.

 The Entertainment

Music should always be playing at any soiree. For the sake of this party, the world’s smallest violin is a perfect choice. The greatest thing about studio parties if the conversation. In such close quarters, your guests will have conversations on such a fantastic level; it is sure to be smashing success. Now, take a small breath because cheers! You are on your way to hosting a splendid studio party.